Hug Me Harry is a large online shopping haven for beautifully unique giftware delivered straight to your door. With more than 500 products, and needing high-end, stable and secure retail functionality, including promotional codes and full e-commerce, its owner naturally turned to Digital Thing as its partner in the digital e-Commerce space.

As you would expect, Digital Thing designed and constructed an easy to use website that could handle a large number of customers simultaneously. The CS-CART CMS platform we deployed allows Hug Me Harry to easily manage and update its product catalogue. 


The online store includes an online payment system using PayPal, the ability to buy gift certificates and promotional codes, advanced search functionality and social media integration with Facebook and Twitter. The site integrates into Google Shopping to increase website traffic opportunities for Hug Me Harry. The eDM template designed by Digital Thing enables Hug Me Harry to blast out weekly promotions in a self-managed environment.

The investment Hug Me Harry made into their online store was paid off within two months and they have received excellent feedback on the store, particularly concerning ease of use and website stability.