Lime Green Solutions is the brainchild of one man, which is why the website needed to encompass his personality and ultimately reflect his approach to coaching.

This was a relatively new concept for the owner, Dave, who also indicated the need for a new logo and branding guide. Digital Thing worked closely with Dave to identify a tone, style and colour scheme that encompassed his business culture and thinking.

The solution needed to achieve various things, such as become an informational hub for prospective clients to learn more about what they could achieve, and also work as a fully-functional eCommerce solution, where users could find and purchase books and other items.

The client told us that a big part of their digital strategy was to build a marketing database, which would help him connect with people on a more personal level, whilst also encouraging existing clients to share information with friends and family.

For this reason the main objective was bring qualified traffic to the website from as many channels as possible, including search engines, social media and email marketing. We prompted all users to sign up for a range of information, generally at no cost to them, which would allow Lime Green Solutions to gather their information and build a connection.

The eCommerce aspect of this solution was quite robust; however it was important that the day-to-day management of products, pricing and orders could be easily updated. We also offered basic CMS training to assist the client in the future.