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Laser Clinics Australia

This is a great example of good, consistent messaging; it’s all about the user and both the tone and imagery are aspirational. This is especially impressive given the delicate nature of the skincare and cosmetic surgery industry. The website’s navigation focuses on their services in the main navigation, but also provides more information in the upper, less-visible menu. Their call-to-actions have been highlighted as buttons within their menu as well as throughout their website encouraging the user to take the next step and book an appointment. Laser Clinics do the same with their pricing, providing up front information and highlighting discounts as incentive to take action.


Headspace’s website is extremely well designed, and does a fantastic job at projecting what their brand purpose is all about. Everything from their playful animations and illustrations to their bright color palette and large font work to make the user feel happy – the same concept behind their app. In each section, they’ve created a mix of benefit-focused messaging, scientific-backed research, and high-profile testimonials paired together with a call to download the app for free. 

Advanced Podiatry Clinics

Unfortunately, not every website is perfect. The branding is inconsistent in the design, typeface, and layout. The navigation is too small and doesn’t focus enough on the services. Every page is overly content-heavy, which could be better presented with visuals. There is no real call-to-action in the header, footer, or throughout the home page, forcing the reader to plough through more content or else leave the website.

Melbourne Wellbeing Group

Above the fold, this website doesn’t offer much. Overall, it is very content-heavy. The images do very little to represent wellbeing or visually communicate the aspirational nature of this brand or the benefits a user can anticipate receiving from working with them. Their menu is entirely hidden by the triple line button, requiring the user to seek out more information rather than being presented with it.

Integrated Podiatry

Not all beauty topics are easy to discuss, but this website does a great job of pairing stellar photography with clever messaging. The content is simple and straightforward, regularly delivering one-liners that gets the user thinking about their feet as part of their self-care routine. The call to book an appointment is quite minimal, and could be a bit larger to better capture the user’s attention. Their menu is unfortunately hidden by a hamburger button, but we love that when clicked it does take over the entire screen.

For Hims

With a male target audience in mind and some awkward topics up for discussion, For Hims has created a really approachable and easy to shop e-commerce website. Their home page directs visitors to their different shops, allowing the user to easily navigate to different products. They explain the benefits of each product instead of describing them, and when the user hovers over an image of a product, they get to see it in action. 


Relode brings some fun and simplicity to healthcare recruitment; within 5 seconds of landing on this website you know exactly what it’s about and who it’s for. Each page starts with a simple headline and maintains color scheme; each page ends with social proof and a call to action. Even the job listings are well-designed with a quick snapshot before clicking through to the description which indicates if it’s featured, how many positions are available, and the reward listing for each post.

Take Care Of

The navigation on this vitamin subscription service is well-presented along the top of the screen, though the logo could be a bit larger. Take Care Of is predominately focused on e-commerce, so it drives users to purchase with a blend of social proof and minimal animations that explain how simple and easy the process is. The pricing is showcased as an aspirational example of what the user’s vitamin pack will look like.

Sustain Natural

We’ve mentioned a few websites that took a delicate topic and created a more comfortable discussion around it. Sustain Natural takes a far more direct approach targeting women who are bold and unashamed. Their branding is honest and proud reflected in both their bold colors and large font. The navigation is intuitive; the call to action leads users to take a quiz to build their own, custom period kit.


Helseutvalget has taken on a taboo subject: sexual health. Their branding and messaging is all about inclusion. The color, layout and design are purposefully clean and gender-neutral. The content is focused first on providing education and resources to help and support their users, and every call to action encourages the user to get involved.

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