Fastrack V8 Race
The ultimate driving

Fastrack V8 RACE provides rides and drives in custom-built race cars. Following the merger of Australia’s two largest V8 supercar ride experience companies, Fastrack V8 RACE approached Digital Thing to redesign and develop a new website. The site required a real-time booking system to provide users with ticket availability at different venues across Australia. Digital Thing rolled out the custom-designed WordPress website with a seamless real-time booking system and responsive design that increased engagement and drove a major increase in bookings.


Project Summary

  • UX/UI Strategy
  • Responsive eCommerce website
  • Booking Boss API Integration
  • Active Campaign API Integration
  • Paypal, Poli, eWay & AfterPay Integration
  • Automated eDM Campaigns
  • HTML 5, SEO Schema & Semantic Coding


The V8 RACE website was designed and developed by Digital Thing with a custom responsive theme using WordPress and WooCommerce. The site incorporates eye-catching video and is optimised for viewing across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Digital Thing integrated a custom WordPress plugin into the new website to talk directly to the booking system (Booking Boss) via API. This enabled real-time bookings through the website where users can see the availability of tickets at each venue around Australia.


The new Fastrack V8 RACE website was rolled out by Digital Thing with a live realtime booking system. The redesigned site and use of video helped to increase engagement with the site and attract new customers. The responsive web design and improved user experience across all devices also contributed to an uplift in traffic and engagement.

With the addition of a realtime booking system, Fastrack V8 RACE was able to grow the number of bookings and improve efficiency around ticketing for all its venues in Australia. Digital Thing continues to work closely with Fastrack V8 RACE to develop an industry-leading digital experience and execute highly-effective marketing campaigns to increase bookings.


“Fastrack V8RACE approached Digital Thing to redesign & develop there new website after the merge of Australia’s 2 largest V8 Racecar drive or ride experience companies.”

“Digital Thing designed & developed a custom responsive theme using WordPress & WooCommerce. The new website included development of a custom WordPress plugin to talk directly (via API) to the booking system Booking Boss which provides users with realtime availabilities/tickets available at each race track.”

Greg Evans
Managing Director, Fastrack V8 Race